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Operating Systems Group

Operating Systems Seminar

Course 500110/500070/500270/500090



For a long time, automotive security was characterized by engine immobilizer and anti-theft alarm. Opening automobiles for external connections lead to the development of new security mechanisms. Therefore, also the analysis process had to be invented. The in summer 2021 published ISO 21434 and UNECE guideline Nr. 155 specificy the framework for this process.

Goal of the seminar is to review the main topics of the security process. The point is to identify and classify related work for relevance evaluation, risk analysis (hardware and software) as well as risk treatment.

  • The seminar can be approved as Pro-, Haupt-, or Forschungsseminar with 5 points each.
  • The structure is planned as follows:
    • Participants have to register in Opal.
    • The first meeting will be online.
    • It is planned to have 1-2 more meetings about scientific working.
    • Further meetings to the individual topics and progress are planned decentral.
    • The seminar presentations will be in KW 27 and the deadline for the written report is KW 29.

Grading depends on an individual presentation and a written report (50%/50%). You have to participate actively in the presentations block seminar.

Please see your study regulations upon the details of presentation time and paper length.